new Mystery Sea cdr

cd-r ltd and numbered to 100 copies

Dale Lloyd is an experienced US sound artist with a deep interest in environmental recordings that he promotes passionately through his own and/OAR label. Besides, he’s also the originator of the field recordings based PHONOGRAPHY compilation series…

Looking into the convergences between micro and macro aural events, Dale dissects and transmutes his materials to disclose an innermost essence…

“Aionios The Fundament” is an incursion behind and beyond structures where all the hidden, subtle forces coalesce… a place of contemplation and enhanced perception, and ultimately, an amazing new starting point…

1. saline crystals born of mother solutions
2. adamite effluvia
3. a degree more corporeal than air
4. a degree less corporeal than water
5. this sea, our lodestone

length: 47:55