new on Ad Noiseam

The next release on Ad Noiseam, to be released on Sept. 2nd, is Cordell Klier’s CD album “Apparitions”.

Microscopic noises and dynamic clicks guide you through a tunnel of razor sharp walls, for “Apparitions” takes place indeed in a glasshouse of small glitches, clicks. All very carefully edited, and rendered in a very evocative art piece. Above the low floating frequencies constantly pop the remains of rhythms, “Apparitions” of a beautiful and abstract music. Your attention never escapes, and you reach the end of “Apparitions” without having been lost or having been bored once, quite a prowess when it comes to clicks’n’cuts.
Cordell Klier is one of his kind. Manager of the Doctsect label and musician behind kreptkrept, Vedisni and OF, he comes here with his first album under his own name, to finally show what he stands for: sombre and extremely precise glitches arranged with the care of a brain surgeon.

Four mp3s and the artwork from this CD can already be downloaded from the Ad Noiseam website.

The next releases, following Cordell Klier’s “Apparitions” will be the CD “Eve Building Bomb” by Magwheels and albums by Mago and Cdatakill.