new on Athanor

The French label Athanor has released in October a limited picture disc (333 copies) from Dream into Dust. “Salvation’s Corridor” contains two exclusive new songs. The first piece is a heavy dark soundscape, while the second uses carefully orchestrated countermelodies. “Salvation’s corridor” is a stomping echo-filled industrial piece with ominous low piano, strange gurgling sounds, punctuated by intermittent grinding guitar noises and bizarre effects. “Crystal mirrors” is based on acoustic guitar, viola, sparse percussion, and subtly shimmering electronics. both deal with different aspects of transformation, and represent both a summing up of the past few years of the music of Dream into Dust and a new door opening to the future.
For early 2003 Athanor has announced the new album “Remergence” by Dawn & Dusk Entwined.