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  • mt030 Troum ‘Darve sh’ 10″
    More wonderful and pulsing gurgles from the always-superb dreamweaver that is Troum.
  • Fat Harlingen ‘Black’ 10″ + bonus enhanced CDR (Audio/Video)
    “Black” offers 2 sidelong tracks (and one short epilogue) of minimalist aggression that builds towers up and tears playhouses down.


  • mt031 Whitelodge ‘Stream of Dreams’ 10″
    The EP illustrates Whitelodge’s exploration of quiet cosmics, both evoking psych-folk of old and more modern elements
  • mt032 Coil ‘The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence’ 10″
    As ever-mystical miners for a heart of electronic gold our heroes sidestep the conventions of time and space, exorcising the electroacoustic specters of Parmegianni, INA-GRM, Pierre Schaeffer, Xenakis et al.
  • mt043 Daniel Menche ‘Deluge’ LP
    ‘Deluge’ is actually a surprising departure from previous explorations as the tones are generated by real live instruments (bass guitar, accordian & melodica) as played by a real live Menche. The rumbly counterpoint that so well defines Menche’s sensibilities is still there, but is played against, initially, a seering wall of D sharp that is built from what sounds like an extended bowing (ala Stephen Scott’s monofiliment attacks on piano interiors, but more as if conducted by Dumitrescu).
  • mt058 Songs of Norway ‘Despite the Cloak’ LP + 7″
    For one, the drumming is dead brilliant. It’s loose but holds together as a perfect structure for the other voices to swim around. Kind of Han Bennink-ish (Joey Baron with Masada also comes to mind) . In fact, this release would not be unusual for Incus or ICP. Is that a cello I hear being played with a fan? A prepared guitar perhaps? Is that the sound of a bow being beaten on the strings? You get the picture…or do you? The group plays around with space, music, noise and texture. Featuring 1/2 of Volcano the Bear!
  • mt040 Nurse With Wound ‘She and Me Fall Together Like Free Death’ LP
    Une Phongraphe Surr?aliste. “This record is full of entrails. Bravo. Bravo.”