new on Cold Spring

Available now on Cold Spring:

Merzbow vs Nordvargr – `Partikel` [csr55cd]
A collaboration between the noise giants.

Kreigsfall-U – `Kreigsfall-U` [csr54cd]
Sacral post-industrial from Hungary.

Repressings out soon:
Von Thronstahl – `E pluribus unum` [csr37cd]
Von Thronstahl – `Imperium internum` [csr32cd]

Next planned releases in autumn 2004:
John Watermann – `Calcutta gas chamber` [csr52cd]
Necropolis – `Necrosphere` [csr51cd]
Laibach – `Neu konservatiw` [csr38cd] – repressing

new on Cold Spring

Now out: the low-budget sampler “Chamber”, with tracks of previous and forthcoming relases by Cold Spring artists, like Laibach, Endura, Von Thronstahl, Toroidh, Kerovnian and more.

Just re-released:
# Schloss Tegal – Black Static Transmission
Coming soon:
# Grey Wolves – Blood & Sand
# A Challenge of Honour – Wilhelm Gustloff
# Laibach – Neu Konservativ
# Cold Spring live 4 x cd set (Death in June, Von Thronstahl, Days of the Trumpet Call, Folkstrom vs. MZ412).