new on Fleshmadeword

Out now on Fleshmadeword records:

  • FMW006: Detritus/Antigen Shift – Split
  • FMW007: Aidan Baker – Pretending To Be Fearless

    To be released late 2002/early 2003:

  • Chaos As Shelter – Dead air broadcasts (Split CD release with DTA Recs)
  • Freeze Etch – Helios
  • Cordell Klier – Blue Devouring


  • new on Fleshmadeword

    New cdr’s on the Fleshmadeword label:

    [FMW006 – Detritus/Antigen Shift – Split]
    Ten new tracks in all: four by Detritus, four by Antigen Shift, two remixes. Detritus pushes neo-classical textures into a very personal tension with disruption, creating a sound that plays on the contradictions within itself. This disruption continues in a different form by Antigen Shift who unleashes walls of distorted rhythm and synthetic drones, exploring energetic collisions and forcing them together to form a very powerful attack.

    [FMW007 – Aidan Baker – Pretending To Be Fearless]
    A release that is latently emotive and very moving. Wall-of-drone ambient rock songs; scraping, droning, guitar noise/soundscapes building gradually over minimal drum loops.