new on Hau Ruck!

new singles on Hau Ruck!:

  • HR! 45 – Tugend Mensch 7″: heavy rhytms from Vienna
  • HR! 46 – Elli Riehl 7″: strange – Strang – STRANGE
    both 7″es out December 16th.
  • “Bercana” and “Fragola Nera” 7″es are delayed due to problems at the
    pressing factory – if all goes well they are also out on Dec. 16th!
  • WKN 18 – 7″ might be out in December …. watch out for more details…..

    latest albums on Hau Ruck!/Tesco:

  • Changes: Fire of Life (rerelease)
  • Mushroom`s Patience: From the mountain