new Perun releases

Two new releases from the Polish label Perun:

  • The Blue Hour – “The Windless Path?
    Perun (RUN 0403)

    ?The Windless Path? marks almost two years of recording and mixing. The album ranges from ambient to neo classical to folk to ethereal. Like ?Evensong?, ?TheWindless Path? has an intimate quality with its subtle acoustic atmospheres and delicate sound collages. This album is a soundtrack for long evenings with a fine bottle of wine.

    Also available limited edition (70 copies) version with additional CDR (4 tracks, over 20 minutes of music) ?A Murderer?s Heart?.

  • Stone Breath – “The Long Lost Friend: a patchwork”
    Perun (RUN 0404)

    Stone Breath’s history leads one through a overgrown and sometimes difficult forest path. From the Syd Barrett-meets-Donovan acid delicacy of the first album, “Songs of Moonlight and Rain;” to the shaded leaves of the second album, “A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons;” through the mystical folk of the third, “Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis;” to the COB-like Middle Eastern-meets-Appalachia darkness of their fourth, “The Silver Skein Unwound.” Sometimes quiet and sparse, sometimes with earthen, thick, tangled drones, Stone Breath has been singing their songs to God and the Green Wood since 1995. Besides their four albums, they have also recorded a number of eps, unreleased songs, compilation tracks, live appearances, and cover songs. The best of this non-album material from the years 1995-2002 is compiled here.