new Prikosnov?nie spring releases

  • LYS – Melisse

    “This is the second album of LYS. LYS is Frederic Chaplain, Prikosnovenie’s manager. He blends in his music all the Prikosnovenie’s influences. Mixing dreamy oriental samples with shamanic voices and poetry, LYS carries us in a smooth and relaxing voyage through sounds of Nature, ambience and ethnica.
    You will find in this album beautiful ethno-trip-hop jewels and incredible collaborations. “

  • FL?UR – Magic

    “This is FLEUR’s the second album. “Magic” is the continuity of their first CD with even better compositions and better sound.
    Fl?ur is Olga Pulatova (piano and vocals) and Elena oynarovskaya (guitar and vocals) supported by flute, cello, double-bass, electric-guitar and digeridoo. Hailing from Odessa in the Ukraine, Fl?ur is positioned somewhere between neofolk, neoclassical, and, russian ethereal pop.”

  • IVO SEDLACEK – Mystical violin

    “Subtle melodic streams of violin, viola and bamboo flute are blent with crystal clear harmonies of tuned glass, didjeridoo and zither.
    Healing waves of sound gently bathe the heart and soul, allowing an opening into meditation and filling with inner joy and peace. This is a real delight for lovers of soft acoustic music.”

    Coming in MAY :

  • CAPRICE – Sister simplicity
  • COLLECTION D’ARNELL ANDREA – Un automne ? Loroy (Digipack reissue)
  • Francesco BANCHINI – Croisades : A medieval project