new releases in the ta?lem 3” cd-r series

There are two new releases in the ta?lem low-priced 3″ cd-r series:

  • alm 11 > raumerkundung “flug 4-5-6”
    raumerkundung is lutz “tarkatak” pruditsch (guitar, sampler, tapes, contact microphones) and robert steinberger (guitar, metal, radio, contact microphones). existing since 1990, the duo has only released one tape on the tr?mmer kassetten label and contributed to some compilation tapes. they have played live on many occasions with, amongst others, illusion of safety, stillupstyppa or kapotte muziek. this 3″ is their first “digital” release.
  • alm 12 > yannick dauby “chant de dune”
    yannick dauby is a french composer, known for his collaborations with alio die (“descendre cinq voiles ? l’ombre d’une voile” cdsingle on amplexus), mnortham (the “entrelacs” project) or thomas k?ner (the recent “zyklop” 2cd set on mille plateaux). this 3″ is a re-release of a piece yannick dauby self-released in 1999, now accompanied by a new piece. deep concrete ambient music…

    price: 5 euro/dollars each, postage included worldwide.
    mp3 samples are available on the ta?lem website.