new releases on Dangus

Two new releases on Dangus, the premier dark music label in Lithuania :

  • L’AHKA MUZA – “V Zablesku Vecnosti [In a Flash of Eternity]”
    digipack CD extra | DGCD 014
    The 5th full-lenght from legendary Slovakian band presents gothic-industrial darkwave with hexen vocals by mistress Gudrun Snake. Charming with sensual beauty, deep ritualism and dark fetish sexuality, this opus is also empowered by strong chanting, ornamental guitars and powerful modern machinery.
  • ATALYJA – “Mocia [Mother]”
    digipack CD | DGCD 013
    Dulcet string of beautiful bright folk-rock music, recorded by fifteen well known Lithuanian musicians and singers. Fairylike female and male tones nicely entwine with vital musical arrangements, using traditional violins, bagpipes, kankles (zither), guitars, drums and various oriental instruments.