new releases on Prikosnovenie

  • GOR : Qumran
    Qumran is the fourth album of Francesco. He leads us towards middle east countries where the Christ is born.Voices and choirs are magnificent and moving, instruments melodies blend percussions, flute, clarinet…Energy reminiscent of Dead Can Dance mixed with Daemonia Nymphe?s mythology.
  • CAPRICE : Elvenmusic2 – The evening of the Iluvatar’s children
    Caprice is a russian symphonic orchestra with 11 musicians passionated by the Tolkien’s books. This album is a tale full of elves, orcs, dwarfs, ents, hobbits and men.
  • Louisa John krol : Alabaster
    Alabaster is the fourth album of Louisa John-Krol. Bewitching, romantic, ethereal pop: whimsy & energy reminiscent of Emilia Torrini, The Moors, Kate Bush. Fairy voice, mandolin, flute, percussion, table harp, charango, piano, lyre, bass, ocarina, clarinet.
  • RADA Y TERNOVNIK: Salamandra
    Rada is inspired of Russian folklore tales. She adds new indian vibes in her poetry, it results more sensual than ever. A genius master piece of this magnificent female voice.