new Reutoff albums

Two Reutoff albums, and compilation with Reutoff and Q.B.E. tracks are planned to be released in April.

?Gute Nacht, Berlin?, the second Reutoff CD, is a full-length album with 7 new tracks, in a digipack. It will be released on Hau Ruck! (HR47). The album is musically close to the recent ?Unseen Rituals? CD as well as ?The Fourth Face? 10? and ?ReuTRauM VI? 7?.

  • The second one is a vinyl LP called ?Maska?, the album was recorded in 1999 and now sees the daylight. It contains one of the most famous Reutoff tracks – ?Black Mirror (Inside)?. This is the first Reutoff LP, it will be released on Eibon (reu043) on heavy black vinyl. It will be packed in full colour inner and outer sleeves and limited to 555 copies only, including a limited edition of 111 copies in a hand-painted wooden box.
  • The compilation called ?Tutti a casa? is a tribute to the legendary Italian industrial project Ain Soph. This double CD will be released by the new Italian sublabel of Hau Ruck! called HauruckSPQR. Reutoff has contributed a cover version of the track ?Honori ponteficis evocatio? from ?Ars Regia? album. The compilation also includes a track from our side-project Quattro Bravo Eballieros, it is a cover version of the track ?White Guard? from the famous ?Aurora? album. This is the first appearance of Q.B.E. on an international release. Other participants are Mushroom’s Patience, Novy Svet, ZetaZeroalfa, Argine, Andrew King, Naevus, Monumentum, Calle della Morte, Der Blutharsch, Kirlian Camera, Circus Joy, Furvus, Shining Vril, Northgate, Foresta di Ferro, MMM, Derniere Volonte, SPQR.
  • Coming later this year:
    ?ReuTRauM II? 7? on Kaos Kontrol (May-June 2003), ?ReuTRauM V? 7? on Divine Comedy (June-July 2003), ?From The Womb? 10? on Der Angriff / Indiestate in ?Prometheus? series (May-June 2003).