new Scorn and more Vivo Records news

VIVO Records proudly presents :

  • Scorn – List of Takers / Versions and More
    {vivo2004 011CD} — release date- 04/28/2004—

    “List of takers”[many takers few givers] was originally recorded exclusively for Breaks FM with an exclusive live set of what clearly indicates scorns continuous unique work old and new plus versions with its constant search/challenge of “those who know” Beats Bass and Sounds mashup. Dirt beats rhinocharge basslines deep and thick and textures/ambience to fill the room is what i push. Tackle up, get your clutch set and sit back ready for that classic rod lunge.”Who’s who?”. [Mick Harris]

  • S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM – Probe
    {vivo2004 010CD} — release date- 04/28/2004—

    Following on from the trilogy which culminated in the release of “POD”, S.E.T.I. has now embarked on a new audio visual exploration in close collaboration with ECM:323’s extraordinary side project, Si_COMM.

    POD took its inspiration from the possibility of mankind leaving the confines of the Earth in order to” become new beings”. PROBE develops this theme, and takes it several stages further.

    Pitching itself somewhere between audio-visual art and speculative physics, PROBE takes a conceptual leap into a very real future. PROBE encapsulates radical, experimental
    post- biological principles, advanced technology, evolution, and memory as discursive concepts – a unique way of presenting sound; aesthetic status-descriptions of a real-time confrontation of machine logic and human intuition.

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