new Sieben album

The third Sieben album, which will be released through Trisol at the end of September, is called ‘Our Solitary Confinement’.

“This album is entirely solo, the way I like to work nowadays. I’ve used drums, bass, mandolin, violin, viola and voice; that’s about it really, no samples, no messing! The idea for the album came about when I saw a photograph by Danish photographer Kristine Haffgaard.”

SIEBEN aka MATT HOWDEN will be playing on the 19.10 in club Cabaret Voltaire, Binche (Belgium). It’s also an offical release party. For this special event, Sieben will be supported by PASSAGE for a special ambient/industrial set. The concerts will be followed by a jam-session between both artists! KRISTINE HAFFGARD will show her photowork and a special slide show during Matt gig.