New suicidal Sol Invictus album

The first post-World Serpent release from Sol Invictus is a nod back in the direction to a more earthy folk sound. On this release, Tony Wakeford (guitar, voice, keyboards) is supported by Eric Roger (aka SEVEN PINES ; trumpet, recorder, vocals), Gary Parsons (guitar, percussion, vocals), Karl Blake (aka SHOCKHEADED PETERS ; bass), Maria Vellanz (violin), Ren?e Rosen (violin).

The title track is a song about suicide. In Russian folklore, suicides becomes steeds for the devil. As well as the usual happy Tony Wakeford songs, there are two traditional songs getting the Sol Invictus treatment, “Twa Corbies” and “Three Knights Came from the West”. Philip Larkin’s poem “The North Ship” also becomes the basis for one song. Artwork is by Tor Lundvall.
The first edition comes as limited 6 page digipack. Label: Dark Vinyl / Release date: 10 January 2005.