new titles on Somnambulant Records

Somnambulant Records has two new titles to announce:

  • Dead Raven Choir & Never Presence Forever – “Rozrywa Szwy Ciszy”
    som002 ? 34min ? 2004 ? CD-R in handmade packaging

    “Rozrywa Szwy Ciszy” is the result of an unlikely collaboration between folk-noise antagonist Dead Raven Choir and dronesmith Never Presence Forever. You can still hear the tortured cello and snarling vocals of Smolken undulating beneath the reverberant metallic particles, but just barely, save the occasional surface breach.

  • Survival Unit / Tugend – “Running on Emptiness / Occult Transmission”
    scr003 ? 64min ? 2004 ? pro-duplicated CD-R in full color jewel case

    Two works previously released in limited editions which sold out quickly are now available:
    “Running on Emptiness” is an enigmatic power electronics propaganda machine, presenting an world-image illuminated only by the light of its own accelerating self-combustion.

    “Occult Transmission” is the second album from Tugend, continuing the advance into a bleak and pitiless vision of the future. Again the specific means employed include industrial, dark ambient, and tactical rhythm.


  • Shellac

    During and just after WWII there was a shortage of shellac, the material from which early records were made.

    To buy a record you had to hand in two of your old records! If that would happen in the present time, I wonder which artists would be swapped the most…