new Tor Lundvall album

  • Tor Lundvall: Under the Shadows of Trees (CD: EAE 005)

    “The title of this album came to me one summer afternoon in 1999 while sitting on a bench facing an old graveyard by the sea in Amagansett, New York. I watched the sunlight casting face-like patterns across the gravestones as a lawn mower droned quietly in the distance, mixed with the sound of children’s laughter. After writing down a few song titles, I started working on recordings, which would attempt to capture the strange, yet peaceful atmosphere of this moment.

    The track order follows the slow progression of a summer day from morning through evening. While most of the tracks have pastoral themes, tracks such as ‘The City’ and ‘Game Room’ evoke memories of hiding away in air conditioned rooms away from the pounding heat, while digital clocks and video games blinked in the cool darkness. Many of the songs were constructed around the after-effects of pure reverb, giving the music a soft and hazy quality. I encourage the listener to play this album outside when the summer sun sets, just as
    the evening ghosts call softly from the woods.”