new Trisol triple compilation

With this triple CD Trisol celebrates its 200th release. With exclusive artwork from the world-famous illustrator and master of the macabre, Joachim Luetke. On the 3 cd’s you will find exclusive, unreleased and rare tracks, including various Cold Meat artists.
Limited to 3.000 copies, 45 tracks.

PUNTO OMEGA – Punto Omega, CENOBITA ? Aliens, PROJECT-X ? Infected, DIE FORM – Dementia Praecox, NATURE DESTROYED – Words Of Trust (Sero.Overdose Rmx), HIGH LEVEL STATIC – Breathing Still (V2 Extended), PERFIDIOUS WORDS – Somewhere Must Be Heaven (Cyclone B Rmx), THE DUST OF BASEMENT ? Bootjack, BLACK HEAVEN – The Smell Of Suicide (Rmx), KIRLIAN CAMERA – The Path Of Flowers, L’AME IMMORTELLE – Why Didn’t I Die, WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW – Umbrella Man, ASP – Stille Der Nacht (Single Edit), ENDRAUM ? Traumstaub, ALEX FERGUSSON – Tomorrow

CHAMBER – A Tale Of Real Love, PILORI – A Winter’s Tale, PERSEPHONE – Facing The Ruins, IN MY ROSARY – Love In A Cup, STAUB ? Brandung, JANUS – Kleine ?ngste, MANTUS – Keine Liebe, SAMSAS TRAUM – Terra Titanic, SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK – Everybody Loves U, SANGUIS ET CINIS – Fly Away, FEAR CULT – Drop Dead, GARDEN OF DELIGHT ? Levitation, DIE MY DARLING – Needle’s Eye, CINEMA STRANGE – Speak, Marauder!, SIEBEN – Dead Bird

MIIME – Pet Semetary, V2A – Fade To Grey, SIECHTUM ? Meinungsindustrie, WEENA MORLOCH – Stammheim (Kampf), YENDRI – We Are Everywhere (East), AUTUMN ANGELS – Ein Leben Lang, FINISTERRA – Seltsam Im Nebel (Requiem Version), WOLFENMOND – Now Springes The Spray, IMPRESSIONS OF WINTER ? Epilogue, OPHELIA’S DREAM ? Myst?re, TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS – Song Of The Prophet, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO – 4 Roses – Iron Flames And Phoenix Falls, ATARAXIA – Post Nuclear Obistus, COPH NIA – I Shall Fear No More (NTT), RAISON D’ETRE – Summoning The Void