new World Serpent releases

  • Nurse With Wound: Soliloquy for Lilith: 3CD box

    This legendary Nurse With Wound album is made available with an entire album’s worth of all-new material. ‘Soliloquy for Lilith’ was described as ‘the ultimate dreamscape’ when it was first released on Idle Hole in 1988. On deciding to reissue the album, Steven Stapleton returned to the studio with Colin Potter and created an entirely new and complementary album so that the new 3CD set can mirror the original 3 x 12″ presentation.

  • Mount Vernon Astral Temple: Musick That Destroys Itself:

    Coil were so impressed by Mount Vernon Arts Lab when they played with them at the Megalithomania event at London’s Conway Hall that they offered their involvement in Drew Mulholland’s seventh release, ‘Musick That Destroys Itself’, (his first as Mount Vernon Astral Temple) by releasing it on their Eskaton label.

  • Crackletone: Journey to the Sea of Sparks

    Crackletone is a new solo project from Jim Sutherland, who has been working in the field of ambient electronica for nearly twenty years, contributing soundtrack and background music to many film and television projects as well as writing material for more mainstream artists after being signed to both CBS and Sony in a production capacity.