news from Ellende

  • Out now on the Sine Fiction website, vol. X: Ellende’s soundtrack to Italo Calvino’s “ti con zero”, 5 tracks (53 minutes free to download) of the usual Ellende: looping slow, dense, drony, dreamy, etc..etc… Read the book.
  • “The proof is in the pudding” 3″CDr on Zeromoon, described by Frans de Waard in Vital 391 as “Like on some of his previous releases, Ellende explores the inner depths of drone music…the whole thing has a rather 70s feel of cosmic music over it, but is quite nice in all its modesty”.
  • October 6th will see the release of “Mathematica”, a full-length (50 minutes) CDR on the German Tosom label. Loop based, rather minimal pieces. Nine almost stand-alone mini-stories, very much influenced by Italo Cavino’s methodology.
  • Planned as the third release on the Belgian “Entity” web label: “Sleepsoup”, 20 minutes of darkish, (like Turkish coffee) very minimal, very dense ( as there is no fear than fear of emptiness) brain bubbles. In line with the SCR release “No holiday without a funeral – damaged beyond repair”. On Entity’s back catalogue the earlier “The delegation from nowhere” is available for download again.