news from Neuropa Records

  • “The Westwind lp is being manufactured as we speak, we expect the test-presses anyday now! The lp will be pressed in 3 different colours: white vinyl for the box, a limited red vinyl edition for our mailorder customers and black vinyl for the purists. The box itself will be released later on as the extra bonus-cd material is far from finished. The cd will contain remixes by A Challenge Of Honour, Fin De Si?cle, Barbarossa Umtank and if all goes well a Toroidh remix as well.
  • Talkin’ about Toroidh, the untitled 7? is finished as well. Two editions of 250 copies each will be made available: heavy white vinyl and clear vinyl with picture disc label. Nordvargr also asked us to release a collaborative effort of his with Henry M?ller (Puissance, Arditi, etc.). This will be a cd-digipack release entitled ‘United In Blood’, more info as we get it.
  • Another release ready to be pressed is Babi Yar by Stahlwerk 9. This release has suffered many delays mainly for small issues but every release has to be perfect so there you have the explanation.
  • Der Feuerkreiner informed us that work for the 12? is almost finished. No release-date has been set yet. Judging by the number of emails we’ve gotten for this one, I’d say people are really waiting for this one to happen. Working title for the 4-track 12? is La ‘Nvidia.
  • Our other talented new-comer to the scene, Apatheia, is also working on a follow-up to his debut. Whilst waiting for this release, be sure to pick up a copy of Lifethesis if you haven’t done so already, easily one of the best neofolk acts in a long time.”
  • Other planned releases:
    Un D?fi D’Honneur – Le Mort Homme 2×7?
    Rasthof Dachau/Operation Julmond – split 7?
    Materialschlacht – Voor Recht & Vrijheid 12?