News from Propergol and Hermetique

There’s a lot happening at the moment around Jérôme Nougaillon’s project Propergol and his label Hermetique.

Propergol’s first two cd-r releases, Un déchaînement de violence and Cleanshaven, have now been reissued as a double CD digipack in a joint venture of Tesco Organisation and Functional (watch the trailer).

A new release on Hermetique is Exstrophy of amphigouris by nEGAPADRES.3.3, a Belgian duo also known for their releases as ? ;GRUMH, presenting us “mystical, schizophrenic, weird surreal ritual ambiences” (info + mp3).

Furthermore Nougaillon has released a 3″ mcd The Bait under the name of Vargtimmen on the new side-label Gazoline (watch trailer).


  1. Let’s not forget the wonderfull compilation “A Reassuring Voice On The Television”!