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Out now:

  • PP05 – TOTENLIEDER “Mi muerte para su Amor”
    7″gatefold- Ltd ed. of 404 copies hand numbered
    Great weird folk project from Canada, well known for his 7″ as Soergeist by Hauruck!, his split with Reutoff and the forthcoming collaboration with Ô Paradis.

    Forthcoming releases:

  • PP06 – ERIK URSICH – ” Kanashii – (il piacere della tristezza)”
    12″ grey vinyl ltd.ed of 300 copies hand numbered
    release-date: May

    Revelation artist! Erik Ursich is a polyhedric electronic musician. He plays mainly vintage instruments like moog, synthesizers,theremin etc.Cold,melancholic,minimalist…. his first official vinyl is completely dedicated to sadness…the pleasure of sadness.

  • PP07 – LUFTWAFFE – “Solipsistica Nihilisti”
    10″ blu vinyl + poster
    ltd.ed of 303 copies hand numbered
    release-date: May/June
    Heavy military percussions,industrial/noise sounds,uncompromising lyrics!
    12 “EP heavy vinyl 220g- gatefold
    ltd.ed of 432 copies hand numbered
    Maxi alcoholic collaboration/split between four original bands: NOVY SVET – O PARADIS – AIT! – TOTENLIEDER !!!!!!!!!!
    release-date : June/July