news from Sensitive Records

Sensitive Records is a new label focusing on inspiration and emotion: our goal is to provide our audience with a collection of inventive records which will attempt to reach the listener?s heart in a unique way. Our releases cover a large spectrum of sensitive musical genres (underground or not), and often involve a large amount of amalgamation between distinct sound-fields, which often provides us with unexpected, innovative results.

Expected releases:

  • Nick Grey & the Random Orchestra (France / World) – genre : electro/classical/post-pop

    An international musical collective with varied influences; an unexpected yet elegant cross between the Tindersticks, David Bowie?s late work and Current 93?s haunted vocals. Regal Daylight, which features, as an exceptional guest star, the famous Romanian tenor Vasile Moldoveanu, is a hypnotic, lyrical and intimate experience, and will be Sensitive Records? first production. Release date: May 2004.

  • EMPI (Monaco) – genre : neo-classical/experimental

    Neo-classical insights, futuristic investigations and disturbed French poetry blend together to ensnare the imprudent listener in an incredible piece of hurt music. EMPI is less a band than a blurry, eerie musical nightmare. Highly recommended if you think ?The Wall? is Pink Floyd?s best. 2nd album available in October 04.

  • Pinkerton & Grey (Armenia / France) – genre : sad songs

    Two sensitive artists meet for the second time: an unexpected double act for a superb collection of sad songs. Jasmine Pinkerton?s classic, enchanting piano connects with Nick Grey?s deep voice and discreet electronic arrangements in an enticing collaboration, with jazzy accents and a lingering hint of melancholy. Pinkerton & Grey : Dress Rehearsal, available in winter 2004.

  • Vasile Moldoveanu (Romania) – genre : opera/classical

    Sensitive Records is proud to offer you an exclusive collaboration with a world-famous opera tenor. After thirty years (and almost twenty of them as the Metropolitan Opera of New-York’s lead tenor) of a flawless career as an opera singer, Vasile Moldoveanu, now retired, has decided to work with Sensitive Records on a series of special projects, including the reprint of his most-loved albums (some unavailable since 1984), and his participation on diverse Sensitive Records productions (as in Nick Grey?s Regal Daylight album). First reedition, Arias, available at the end of 2004.