News from Shayo

Shayo Music is a label based in Geneva, Switzerland. They present their 6th and 7th releases: Mystery Seas by Martyn Bates and Invisible Angel by Neither Neither World.

These are the press statements from Shayo:

“Neither Neither World has been present on the San Francisco independent scene for more than ten years. They mainly appeal to the fans of dreamy-pop as well as dark-folk. Wendy Van Dusen is a charismatic song writer that comes from a long series of strange divas such as Lydia Lunch, Rose McDowall or Julee Cruise, the “protégée” of David Lynch. And it is with good reason that her music is often compared as a mixture of Current 93 and Mazzy Star. Invisible Angel is from far NNW ‘s best album ever released and we are very proud of it.”

“Originally released in 1995 and now remastered, it is the second of Martyn Bates’ “Letters written” series. On this album he sets his songs into organ based backings, going right back to the drones of traditional song and more than this, to church music. It’s an intensive sound which would appeal to fans of traditional folk and electronic music fans all at once, which has to be some achievement. There is a dream state built up from these songs of drifting minimal chords and layers of vocals. What could sound sparse, sounds full and balances. Songs like “Everywhere there’s Rain” rang as amongst his best with his vocals particulary well delivered.”