Nitzer Ebb remix 12″

  • Nitzer Ebb – Murderous/Control I’m Here

    This is the third (and final) set of Ebb remixes commissioned by novamute. Previous two released 12″ singles have included remixes by Derrick May, Thomas P. Heckmann, Terence Fixmer and The Hacker.

    Mute Records will also release a comprehensive Nitzer Ebb retrospective entitled Body of Work spring 2004, a double CD and DVD package.

    Murderous was first released in November 1986, at a time when the band’s star was firmly in ascension – coming from the same period as both ‘Join In The Chant’ and ‘Let Your Body Learn’. For this remix, Belfast’s Phil Kieran retains the tough industrial drive of the original, and it’s spiky keyboards, and makes brilliant use of the vocal – dropping it sparingly throughout. This is an effective repackaging of the song for today’s dancefloors – maintaining all the energy of the original.

    Control I’m Here comes from a later time in the band’s career – October 1988. LFO man Mark Bell offers a more radical reworking of the Ebb version, darking it up to the max with some heavy synths. Despite this imposing feel, the tempo is firmly on the upbeat tip, in a haze of sparkling hi hats and 808 toms. As such, it probably mimics the contrast of body-moving power rhythms with serious and occasionally unnerving vocal content that the band always managed to combine.