Novy Svet: reissue infinito

The cd fin.finito.infinito by Novy Svet is available now on Nekofutschata (distribution: Tesco Germany). This material was originally released on a limited 12″.

“Even within the enigmatic discography of Novy Svet, the album fin.finito.infinito takes a special place. The original 12” coming in an edition of 77 copies only offered nothing more than the title in embossed red letters – the rest was all blackness. The group´s comments to this major work summed up to complete silence, which opened space for a mass of partly obscure interpretations. For sure this album was conceived as a good-bye, finding a climax in the suicidal title track.”

Mp3 samples:
sin palabras | wonderful blade | ultimo jardin | recio | got it!