Ô Paradis: cd on Punch Records

Out now on Punch Records: "La Boca del Infierno" by Ô Paradis (digipack cd)

"La Boca Del Infierno " (Hell’s Mouth) is by far the darkest and most suffered album by  Ô Paradis. As tracks go on you sink in a sort of dantesque circle, the boundary between joy and suffering,  life and death, where Eros and Thanatos melt and become the same thing.
Sounds have become more industrial and dreary than ever.  The warm and melancholic mediterranean ballads, dear to the heart of the catalan project,
get oriented in more experimental directions;  here melancholy leads to a truly dark and choking anguish.       

1. Tan Lejos
2. Veneno
3. Tokyo
4. De Espaldas
5. Voces
6. Nuevo Mundo
7. La Sangre
8. En Circulos
9. El Sueño
10. Tan Cerca