Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio news

After months silence and some accompanying reorganization, we are glad to return with the launching of a new, improved and permanent Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio internet residence.

Additional news –

In association with the impending, yet awaiting release of “4 Life 4 Love 4 Lust And Roses” (set for the end of October), and before an extensive vacation far away from any further live appearances anywhere, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio are scheduled to perform at the following locations:

  • 25 Oct. 2002 – Epplehaus, Tübingen (D) – feat. XotoX (D), Industriepalast (D)
  • 30 Nov. 2002 – Interno 20, Vincenza (I) – feat. t.b.c
  • 01 Nov. 2002 – Black Out, Rome (I) – feat. Spiritual Front (I).
  • 02 Nov. 2002 – Planet Music, Dark Nation Day Festival, Vienna (A) – feat. VNV Nation (UK), Ataraxia (I), Catastrophe Ballet (I), Chants Of Maldoror (I) + many others.