Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio news

“Despite everyone’s previous despair, 4 Life 4 Love 4 Lust and Roses will finally be released. It is due for release in November from Cold Meat Industry and I hope it manages to meet with any eventual expectations that have emerged over the two years we all have been waiting.”

“After an alltogether pleasing and seemingly well received performance in Stockholm on the 31st of August, it is finally time to finish off 2003 with two additional concerts
31 / 10 – Tenerife (ES)
02 / 11 – Madrid (ES)

New material is currently in the making; 12″, 2 X 10″ and CD, material that hopefully will be available before the only scheduled concert for next year”.
(The Invitation Wave-Gothic-Electro Meeting 2004 in Gent, Belgium on March 7)