Portion Control vinyl digitalized

It was about time: electro(nic) pioneers Portion Control announce the release of Archive. This is a 5 cd-box containing a wealth of deleted vinyl material for the first time on cd in a very special box. The release date is not yet confirmed (probably early May), but you can already pre-order a copy.

The material has been organised across 5 discs:

  1. code001: I staggered mentally, hit the pulse
  2. code002: step forward, psycho bod saves the world
  3. code003: purge, simulate sensual
  4. code004: surface and be seen, raise the pulse, rough justice, go talk, great divide
  5. code005: bonus CD with the first pressing; high quality mp3 versions of codes 1-4 and a collection of 135 images from 1980-1990 & 2003-2006. lastly exclusive to archive -a wav file of a new version of ‘Refugee’ by Rhys Fulber.

“The material is mastered from the original vinyl to maintain the sonic quality of the original material this is also -in part- due to the deterioration of some of the 1/4 inch master tapes and our wanting Archive to represent good value for money.”