posthumous Adrian Borland album

RELEASE DATE: 25-03-2002
LABEL: Red Sun Records

Adrian Borland died on the 26th April 1999. At the time of his death he was recording a new album at The Premises with Wally Brill as engineer and co-producer. Adrian had considered Harmony and Destruction as the title for this album which rather ominously he had described as his legacy to his fans. It contains what is to be believed some of his finest songs. We cannot know precisely how Adrian intended to complete this album and and some may hold the view that it should have been left unfinished. Hopefully most of Adrian’s fans will welcome this attempt to produce the album as closely as possible to what we believe Adrian had in mind when he was alive. To that end, we have worked from his pre-production notes and from our memories of things he said during the recording sessions, as well as our knowledge of his tastes and previous work.

The album contains the complete set of songs in the order as chosen by Adrian on the 25th March 1999. Although never intended for release! The guide vocals are in many cases good enough to be heard. We believe that the power and passion in these performances more than make up for their occasional, minor shortcomings. It is a further tribute to Adrian’s talent as a singer that his individual style and the consistency of his vocal phrasing made this feasible.

More details, including tracklist, artwork and 3 audiosamples:

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