PPF and Canaan released by Eibon

  • PPF – La belle France, 1900
    Tracks: 9
    Length: 57’15
    Release date: 15.03.2003

    Brand new sensational album of the well-known French
    noise manipulators. Raw, heavy and distorted, yet
    still retaining a very “musical” approach and a
    structured backbone. Rough, just as we all like it.

    “La belle France, 1900” comes in a beautiful, foldable
    A5 packaging + sleeve, and first 100 copies are enriched
    with a hand painted, hand numbered wooden box.

  • CANAAN – Walk into my open womb 2xcds

    Tracks: 18
    Length: 92+ minutes
    Release date: 15.03.2003

    Originally released in 1998, and since then already repressed
    a few times, “Wimow” was CANAAN’s second album, and
    contains some of the most significant tracks composed by
    the band. Taste the early days of the masters of deception…..