Prikosnov?nie: two new albums and compilation

Prikosnov?nie has announced two new albums.

  • Moon Far Way – Belovodie
  • This Russian act is known for their beautiful folk/medieval and heavenly music. They draw their inspiration from authentic Russian folk music, with traditional songs and instruments, to create a religious, solemn and Siberian ambience, enforced by the ethereal voice of Anastasia.

  • Ghost Fish – S/T
  • Ghost Fish is a collaboration project featuring Louisa John Krol, Daemonia Nymphe and Nikodemos Triaridis. “Louisa’s ethereal voice raises above electric guitars and basslines, harps’ strings, violin and energetic drums”.

    Futhermore there is also a new cheap label sampler out, entitled “Fairy World 2“. This cd presents the most recent productions of the Prikosnov?nie label. The music takes you on a trip from Greece to Japan going through Armenia. 17 tracks, including 10 unreleased ones.