Program for Gotham 3

Gotham 3
zaterdag 6 april 2002
Paradiso, Amsterdam

Main Stage:
cinema strange, morthem vlade art, suicide commando
dance party with dj’s: Sven(KIR, D ) and Marcel ( Gotham,NL):
electro, synth-pop,industrial,dark-wave
In between the bands: dj Rene(NL)
Big Screen Video art during dance party by Brigit Topman

Second stage:
ng-pro, fading colors, whispers in the shadow, feindflug
dance party with dj’s: Ziggy(matrix, D), R.a.l.f Thyssen(Pagan Love Song, zwischenfall, D)
dark-wave, gothic, batcave,eighties,neo-folk
In between the bands: dj Anneke(Legendz, NL)