Projekt: DCD tribute

The label Projekt releases a tribute album in the honour of Dead can Dance, due to their tour in North America. The album consists 12 songs, from 11 artists (Arcana contributes with 2 songs). The release date is September 6.

"Summoning of the Muse ~ a tribute to Dead Can Dance gathers together eleven of the world’s most respected ethereal / heavenly voices / darkwave artists to lovingly recreate the master’s songs. At times one could swear this is a live release from DCD, or unknown outtake from their studio albums – the homage is so astonishing. On other tracks, uniquely original interpretations take the songs into neo-classical and shoegazer realms."

1. Arcana The Arcane*
2. Dark Sanctuary Summoning of the muse
3. Autumn’s Grey Solace Musica Eternal*
4. Faith & the Muse Chant Of The Paladin*
5. Black tape for a blue girl Fortune presents gifts not according to the book
6. Rajna Cantara
7. Mirabilis The Writing On My Father’s Hand*
8. Chandeen In power we entrust the love advocated
9. Arcana Enigma of the Absolute*
10. KOBE Bird*
11. Athan Maroulis with Surface 10 Ulysses
12. Stoa Cantara*
* Exclusive track