Prophecy: neofolk book + cd box

In the autumn Prophecy Productions will release the book “Looking For Europe”, written by Andreas Diesel and Dieter Gerten. “Looking For Europe” is the first comprehensive portrayal of the Apocalyptic Folk genre. In conjunction with the book, a lavishly designed 4 CD box will be released to musically document the history of Apocalyptic Folk and its predecessors.

"Interpreting all available records, interviews, and secondary sources, the book explains genesis and nature of today’s Neofolk bands against a backdrop of their musical predecessors as well as their artistic, aesthetic, and spiritual influences. The many references to writers, art movements, and religious traditions are discussed in band portraits and comprehensive summaries. Recent statements by artists, members of the scene, external experts and critics round off the documentary material to present the definitive study of the Neofolk genre."

"The CDs contain many rare, previously unreleased, or exclusive tracks. Among the featured artists are Scott Walker, Nico, Laibach, Death In June, Test Dept., Genesis P. Orridge/Thee Majesty, Sol Invictus, The Strawbs, The Royal Family And The Poor feat. Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Blood Axis, Hagalaz Runedance, Magnet, Fire + Ice and many more."