Protagonist/des Esseintes news

A brand new Protagonist track has been recorded! It is entitled “The Sick Rose”, and it’s William Blake’s poem put to music, with spoken word by Jonathan Grieve of Contrastate. The track will be featured on the forthcoming CMI compilation and the mysterious CMI.100. Watch the website for an mp3 sample in the next few days. This summer will be spent recording the next Protagonist album, scheduled for release next year.

des Esseintes has collaborated with Leblons on the track “Discontinued”, and it will appear on a fortcoming compilation on Immanence Records later this year. For more info, please visit

Due to technical problems, des Esseintes has been forced to re-record some of the material on the upcoming album “Les Diaboliques”. However, it will still be finished before summer – and hopefully released before the end of the year.

Forthcoming releases on Fin de Si?cle Media:

  • FDS 06 L.E.A.K./kosmophon – Duochromatic MCD (may)
  • FDS 07 Caesar Romero – The Grotesque Burlesque Revue 3″CD (aug)
  • FDS 08 Negru Voda – Dobruja Region CD (aug)