Raison d’être: early reflections

Reflections From the Time of Opening contains a selected collection of the very earliest material by Raison d’être, now finally available on Cold Meat Industry. The album shows the first phases in the development of Raison d’être and should rather be seen as a documentation album of that time more than a conceptual album.

Also included on the 77 min. disc are the compilation tracks from The Absolute Supper (Cold Meat Industry) and Funeral Songs (Crowd Control Activities) and re-mixes of the two remaining tracks from the first Raison d’être CD Prospectus I (track re-mixes of Prospectus I can also be found on Collective Archives and Lost Fragments).

01.Ruins. 02.Auto-dafé. 03.Sub Specie Aeternitatis. 04.Archetypon Ataraxi. 05.Faceless. 06.The External World. 07.Metamorphe. 08.Gwynn-ap-nudd. 09.Reflectio Mediato. 10.Arbitaire Emotion. 11.The Maturation of Nature. 12.Death Pit of Ur. 13.Hell is Trembling, and the Gates of Death. 14.Le Temp et L’espace. 15.The Verge of Somnolence. 16.Procession. 17.Forgotten Mound. 18.Cenotaphium. 19.Penumbra. 20.Summoning the Void.