Remanence: new cd

Remanence has a new cd (their fourth) out filled with dark ambient sounds. "A Strange Constellationof Events" is available from their own label Mpath Records.

The albums paints an audio portrait describing the passing of night and an inquiry into the synchronous occurrance of events. As our starting point, we wanted to explore the subtleties of communication – from the man-made to the terrestrial and back. The subconscious seeps into the conscious, the hidden is drawn into perception. Deep, layered, and textured, "A Strange Constellation of Events" features field recordings blended with Remanence’s subtle, nuanced, ambient style."

Signal Hill
Reflecting Pool (prelude)
Lamkhyer (remix)
The Reflecting Pool
It Gazes Also Into You
Echo Canyon III
A Reply Beyond Oblivion
First Light