Reue Um Reue: new release out soon

Sofia E.R.’s necromantic solo-project Kostnice lures its listeners like the pipes of death into lands of desolation and gloomy apathy, where life seems no more than a distant echo or a long forgotten memory. Finsterfelden is a
ceremonial march into the world beyond, a sombre procession in the limbo of our souls, a reminder of what is sure to come and what therefore already is:
our own death and life?s vanity.

This second Kostnice output comes as a 12inch vinyl featuring 10 tracks of funeral march muzak, a blend of dark soundscapes, soothing orchestral loops and discreet use of mysterious samples. The perfect soundtrack for our everyday “Totentanz” and a must-have for all of you conscious living dead!
Soundclips can be found on the labels website.