Reutoff + Operation Cleansweep singles

new singles on Kaos Kontrol:

  • Reutoff – ?ReuTRauM II? 7? [K\K 010]
    Fifth instalment in the seven-part series presenting various locations in Reutov, the city of origin for this acclaimed Russian post industrial outfit. Launching off with the ceaseless hum and rhythm of heavy machinery grinding onwards as alarm sounds form into hysterical choirs complementing the slowly proceeding pounding of the machines. As an aftermath, the second piece bears a calmer approach with pulsating drones and loops yet retaining a profoundly ominous nature.
    Transparent green vinyl in beautiful full colour sleeve with special lamination finish. Limited edition of 500 copies.
  • Operation Cleansweep – ?Deathcount? 7? [K\K 011]
    Extreme hybrid of death industrial and power electronics from the scarcely active yet already legendary German sonic terrorists. Four pieces in the finest heavy electronics tradition; the walls of abrasive sound abuse impenetrable, the junk metal noises excruciating and the combination of researched spoken samples and violent vocals adding subversive content.
    Black vinyl in stylish full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.