RGB VJ/DJ Festival

World Wide Video Festival and Melkweg in collaboration with ElectroNation and Nederlands Instituut Voor Mediakunst present RGB VJ/DJ Festival at Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL, Thursday 22 May – Saturday 24 May.

The RGB Festival presents state-of-the-art visuals vs. hardcore experiments featuring international pioneers of electronic music and video. It?s three days of musical and visual reflections on the ever evolving electronic scene, from analog purism through italo disco to electro rock, intertwined
with groundbreaking video atmospheres, from 8-bit minimalism to technological overload.

Four hours of sexy, minimal electro from French electronic purists on the Invasion Planete label: Le Syndicat Electronique, IT & My Computer, Porn.Darsteller and Ottomas. Plus the ambient brilliance of Britain?s Scanner, plus visuals.

In the Old Hall: Experimental electronics from Smash TV, Germany?s Pfadfinderei and Ellen Allien, with enhanced visuals. In the Max: A journey through the electronic universe, including Canada?s Solvent and Lowfish, Sweden?s Monkeyshop and Dutch Orgue Electronique, Legowelt and Kassen. It?s a single performance featuring all artists connected to one sound mixer, DJ?ed and conducted by Master of the Electronic Universe, TLR (NL). Accompanied by multiple video screens and spectacular lights and visuals. Followed by a late set from Belgium?s DJ
Rafael to round out the journey

Electro rockers, including Belgium?s Viva La Fete, Barkode, Arno Coenen & Transformer di Roboter and Burnt Friedman & Nu Dub Players, along with ElectroNation DJs Dion and Terry Toner.