Ronda: Je suis un ?tranger compilation

This compilation from Ronda gathers artists from a varied range of musical backgrounds (electro, rock, musique concr?te and more) around a common theme: spoken languages. Each artist was assigned a language and created a piece integrating samples of this particular language: starring Mils (Polish), dDamage (German), Displacer (Chinese) c.H.District (Russian) among others.
You can download a mp3 by Transbeauce.

mils [polish]
dDamage [german]
transbeauce [swedish]
lucky.R [portuguese]
aka_bondage avec a.valo+a.oszo+v.dirkev+m.torre [hungarian]
sun plexus + loner [albanian]
silencio [english]
dscl [french]
xerak [japanese]
c.h.district [russian]
depatie [breton]
displacer [chinese]
do shaska! avec mr marmela [arabic]
bleetch [norwegian]
seb.R [vietnamese]
hypo & musicometre [dutch]