Rorschach Garden: Japanese Friends

Kaleidoskop (a division of Minuswelt) is proud to present The Rorschach Garden‘s second full length cd "Our Japanese Friends", featuring 16 eighties / retro-minimal-electro tracks.

"This brand new release by the German trio is the logical continuation of the first album. 14 unreleased tracks plus 2 titles previously available only on compilations. Once again you will whistle the merry and melancholic tunes, sing-along with the lyrics in english and french – enjoying the cd at home and in public. If you are an eighties or minimal-electro addict then your heart is already beating faster."

01: Anti-Entertainment
02: Modern
03: Searching for Perfection
04: Re-sist
05: Selling Stuff
06: Le Jour Dernière
07: Private Games
08: My japanese Friends
09: Surgeon Song
10: Airline Personnel
11: Soon it Starts
12: The Suitcase
13: Abuse
14: Lucky Star
15: Grief
16: Clockworks