Sangre Cavallum: new album

Pátria Granítica is the new cd/lp on Ahnstern/Steinklang from the northern Portuguese Sangre Cavallum. It’s the follow-up to Barbara Carmina which was released by Storm Records.

“The album contains ten powerful songs combining heroic traditional music and beautiful Folk-ballads, sometimes even with a slight avantgardistic touch. The artists perfectly play a large variety of early traditional instruments, blended with electrical sounds and mesmerizing psychedelic arrangements. “Pátria Granítica” (Granite Fatherland) is a pagan journey into the world of stones of their historical homeland Callæcia and its gods, giving voice to the traditional heritage of granite warriors.”

MP3: Luras de BreuA Canção da PedraCantilena de Pedreiros

Sangre Cavallum is also presented on the new budget 2cd label compilation from Steinklang Industries.