Scott Sturgis on Positron Records

The first Positron Records album to be released under a Creative Commons license is “In A Haze,” a live CD from ambient/noise artist Scott Sturgis.

The Sampling Plus 1.0 license allows fans to legally share the album on peer-to-peer networks, or sample the songs for use in their own compositions. Given that Sturgis wrote the album specifically for a one off performance for his fans in Seattle in early 2004, it only made sense to extend the concept of sharing his music to the album itself.

“In A Haze” is the eighteenth release for Positron, and the
first Scott Sturgis album on the label. Sturgis has released thirteen albums under various monikers (Pain Station, Notime, Converter). This album marks a new turn in Sturgis’ style, with a downtempo, dub-influenced electronica flavor.