Scott Walker: neofolk tribute

A Portuguese label has released a tribute to Scott Walker, entitled “Angel of Ashes”. It contains 18 different interpretations of Walker songs, mostly by neo-folk acts like Backworld, Sieben, Dies Natalis and Spiritual Front, to name but a few. As far as I know it can only be ordered online.

1. Plaza (POR) We came through
2. Backworld (UK) The angels of ashes
3. Sally Doherty (UK) If you go away
4. Dies Natalis (GER) 7th seal
5. Corsage (POR) Rhimes of goodbye
6. Naevus (UK) Saturday child
7. Raindogs (POR) No regrets
8. Sieben/ Matt Howden (UK) Amsterdam
9. Flak/ Xana (POR) Rosemary
10. Jorge Palma/ Flak (POR) Two ragged soldiers
11. Rose MaDowall (UK) Make it easy on yourself
13. The Sword Volcano Complex (USA) My death
14. Aranos (IRL) The sun ain?t gonna shine anymore
15. BCN (POR) Jackie
16. Spiritual Front (ITA) First love never dies
17. Sleeping Pictures (UK) Girls and dogs
18. David E. Williams (USA) Archangel