Secret Lords compilation on Heidenvolk

monumental compilation

  • Secret Lords, Compilation CD, HV06
    10 tracks, 58 minutes, available in November 2003

    “As a conspired collaboration, this release gathers only a few sound artists and their projects. “Secret Lords” is about the hidden life of buildings, fate petrified in stone, and history conserved in architecture. The songs describe the monumental elevation of buildings, seize their sound and play with light, and nevertheless reflect the fate of people.”

    The CD comes in a digipack with a 12-page booklet and is available through Heidenvolk and TESCO.


  • In Gowan Ring – Dome of the Unwoven Spheres
  • In Gowan Ring – Orb Weavers
  • Darkwood & Ian Read – Valley of Dark Memories
  • Darkwood – Room of the Innermost Wishes
  • A Challenge of Honour/Sturmpercht – Der Kalte Baum
  • A Challenge of Honour/Sturmpercht – Des Kreuzheers Schwerer Stahl
  • Agnivolok – Town with Yellow Eyes
  • Chaos as Shelter – Stoned Spirits
  • VE Europa – Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom
  • Voxus Imp. – Epilog